Sunday, June 19, 2011

launderette land

The laundry would have to be the last place you decorate...the garage would even get a look-in beforehand! But I love the little things that people do to make it a happier place! And why not?! You spend a fair bit of time in there! Why have a space that makes you all depressed!?

whose bathroom is it anyway?

This is so cute - I would love to have "men" and "women" written on the toilet door.

i need a hammock

Need i say anything more....?

spiralling out of control

Mr Piggy would say that my ideas generally spiral out of control, until I reign them back in again, that is... but this shower stall is just HOT!!!

clicked my heels and gone to lounge heaven

DREAM: Masculine, fabric, slightly retro sectional sofas with enough back to make it comfy, with little legs at the bottom! Love a big ottoman that you can push up against it for extra snuggling room!

FAVOURITE fabric and colour lounge - HANDS DOWN!!!!!

this fern thing has gone viral

I like this - fern in a vase thing... but every time I look now, it appears that someone is doing it. Is this the next big thing?

Friday, June 10, 2011

flower child

This is so darn funky...why should kids have all the fun...and I'm a sucker for green! Double-whammy!