Sunday, June 19, 2011

launderette land

The laundry would have to be the last place you decorate...the garage would even get a look-in beforehand! But I love the little things that people do to make it a happier place! And why not?! You spend a fair bit of time in there! Why have a space that makes you all depressed!?

whose bathroom is it anyway?

This is so cute - I would love to have "men" and "women" written on the toilet door.

i need a hammock

Need i say anything more....?

spiralling out of control

Mr Piggy would say that my ideas generally spiral out of control, until I reign them back in again, that is... but this shower stall is just HOT!!!

clicked my heels and gone to lounge heaven

DREAM: Masculine, fabric, slightly retro sectional sofas with enough back to make it comfy, with little legs at the bottom! Love a big ottoman that you can push up against it for extra snuggling room!

FAVOURITE fabric and colour lounge - HANDS DOWN!!!!!

this fern thing has gone viral

I like this - fern in a vase thing... but every time I look now, it appears that someone is doing it. Is this the next big thing?

Friday, June 10, 2011

flower child

This is so darn funky...why should kids have all the fun...and I'm a sucker for green! Double-whammy!

appropriate cutlery

I don't know how I could work this in but I am loving the individuality of the cutlery mobile in this kitchen! I love originality!

Monday, May 30, 2011

singular art

A single colour canvas is surprisingly very interesting. It draws out the colour in the room - really draws your eye to it.

too cool for school

I can just imagine guests at the wall trying to find all the words in the find-a-word! It would be classic!!! LOVE IT! Come to think of it...I might just make one myself! Very personalised art indeed!!!!

bedhead silhouette


It just absolutely kills me how gorgeous and simple this is!!!

stocking up on the important things...

I bought a cushion... and I LOVE IT!

It completely fits in with our bright colour, lil bit retro theme we have in our heads!! The green is vibrant and the pic just not do it justice!

Monday, January 31, 2011

spying is ok when its posted free for all

Ok, so I have been stalking some blogs of people that are building with Eden Brae - we all pick from the same home gallery etc - so I thought it would be worth it...

It seems browns and greys are big. Grey it seems is the safer option for floors with people. It annoys me that brown is happening because I don't want to be like everyone else... oh well - we will go with what works...

It seems like feature tiling the wall hidey-hole is popular with alanamareeshome

 The brown bathroom does work with edenbraebuild - although I would have a brown timber-look cupboard - not black. Love the white tile on the bath. Qyite like the aluminium edge along the bath. It matches nicely with the aluminium taps etc. The rectangular shape wotrks well. I completely see us with a white bench. Perfect.

Good style one sec - gone the rest... Not a fan of the feature tile. Definately not a fan on the strip. They tiled normally in the wall hidey-hole. Looking at it - I think it needs to be a smaller tile. The bigger tile looks goofy.

I looked through the blog - these benches aren't Caesar or Essa Stone - they are laminate - but the colour is similar to our choice - ours might be a little lighter... I like the light cupboard doors/brown bench combo. The colour picked for the cupboards was natural - I suppose because the paint is Hogsbristle or something like that. Since we are going white walls - white would probably be best? We will have to check with the home gallery...

Loving the dark floor, light cupboards, brown benchtop. Nice...


the ooh la la of homes

Thank you Desire to Inspire for bringing me my daily fix!

Check out this house! I am so feeling us in here! The floors are dark and the walls are white (yes, they are black floors - but if black and white works - then brown and white will work!) and it has an apartment-vibe which I love! Apartments are generally much smaller than houses so they really make use of space!

I am loving the dark floor - white wall combo.

Loving the use of aluminium in the kitchen - we won't do the bench - but a splashback that matches the floor is something to think about.

We need ceiling fans because we are going without air-con - hail to the electrical gods! When you think of ceiling fans - they don't make you think 'modern' but I love the look in this room! Dark floors, white walls, black window frames, asian vibe and an aluminium ceiling fan - LOVE LOVE!

Loving the asian vibe! I am also thinking twice about the shower wall hidey-hole - I am quite liking seeing it all in white! Admittantly the tile is quite small or it has a design, but I reallu love how clean the white is! I will have to find out if ours would have clean edges or if it would be edged in aluminium. I think I would be happy with either, but this is so minimal - LOVE IT! Maybe instead of a fussy tiny mosaic, we could get a small square white tile inlaid instead? or use the same type of tile throughout? Hmmm... interesting...

I LOVE the bright as a button art on the stark white walls. It looks so impressively modern and brightens the room! The exposed cord hanging lights over the dining room are also amazing, but I know I will never get that through Mr Piggy! For one, we would have to pay for 3 x light fittings and secondly - it looks unfinished and he isn't too fussed on that...

Black framed windows look amazing. It makes the windows look like you are gazing into pictures...



Being that we will have a lot of earthy colour and the stark white walls - we need to break it up a bit. We also need to distinguish the lounge room area - as it is open plan living. We intend to get a modern, modula sofa with masculine lines which will help define the area, but I think a rug will work best.

Despite the very similar colours of this lounge area - the rug adds a different texture and defines the space. I like that.

There are a gazillion rugs out there so I wouldn't know where to start - except that I have seen some fabulous rugs that are COMPLETELY out of our price range by Dinosaur Designs that really inspire. They have a retro feel without going too far and can be monotone or colourful (I don't know if Mr Piggy would be too happy with pink though). I read somewhere that you can get them coloured to suit your decor as well. This is all out the question for me - but there is nothing wrong with immersing yourself as much as you can - perhaps I will find a similar style for a bargain?

I am loving the 1st there - so mucch vivid colour but so suited to so many interiors!

Loving the names - like Banana Split for this one!!


food trees

I am using OMG too often - but here I go again... OMG I am all over this like a fat kid on a cupcake! These food trees are amazing! They are oh so cute, so simple and so easy to make - timber, dowel, glue and a bit of cutting and drilling - woila! Is that how you spell woila? I don't know and I don't care because I love this so much! You could even do it with little blocks of cheese and cabanossi! Or cheese and olive! There is so much you could do!

Put this on thre list of things for the new house!! I am thinking Daddy Piggy might be good at doing this... ;)

no...these are a few of my fav-our-ite things...

OMG I could not be loving this more than I am! I was about to pack up and go to bed and then I saw this and I got all excited!

I would love to make one for Mr Piggy and me for our new home! It would be so cool to list all the things that we really love and get a little canvas made up! Or we could print and frame it! I love the typewriter font - its so kitsche and cool!

Must remember - must remember!!

these are a few of my fav-our-ite things...

Colour - love it, don't know much about it and frankly haven't had to think too deeply about it... now I am surrounded by it! So many decisions! Mr Piggy isn't too interested in looking through a thousand different colours - he likes to look at a few, so I am the one breaking the process down.

I never really understood where people come from when they say to pick a few colours and work around them... how can I when I love all colours? So, to keep the resale value in the house, but still make a house thats 100% us I am think raw, natural, sleek (my motto, yes) and the following...





with timber and metal accents

I love popping colour so if all the big bits are based around these colours, then we can also use colourful rugs, cushions, art and other preddy things and it will make this very natural slate modern, quirky and fun.

I have been looking at houses that have a cream scheme and I am not liking what the light does - it bounces back yellow. I feel like I have a liver problem or something. My eyes feel funny. I'm just not used to it. So I am thinking - the whiter (on the walls), the better.

Seeing as we have not used grey yet (except for our ideas of the TV wall) I am thinking a grey lounge. I don't know how I feel about leather - I don't like it when its too wrinkly. I guess we will see.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

a random spew of inspiration

Loving the stark white walls. You can do so much with it and it looks quite modern.

Ok, we aren't going for timber benches but I am loving the brown and white thing they have going...

I love the old timber table. It looks like it has so much history..

I love dark brown and white in a bathroom!

I love seeing the contrast of light and dark. Its not so safe and I admire that...

All my favourite colours! Made for me!

Love the bookshelves with the grey behind...