Monday, January 31, 2011

the ooh la la of homes

Thank you Desire to Inspire for bringing me my daily fix!

Check out this house! I am so feeling us in here! The floors are dark and the walls are white (yes, they are black floors - but if black and white works - then brown and white will work!) and it has an apartment-vibe which I love! Apartments are generally much smaller than houses so they really make use of space!

I am loving the dark floor - white wall combo.

Loving the use of aluminium in the kitchen - we won't do the bench - but a splashback that matches the floor is something to think about.

We need ceiling fans because we are going without air-con - hail to the electrical gods! When you think of ceiling fans - they don't make you think 'modern' but I love the look in this room! Dark floors, white walls, black window frames, asian vibe and an aluminium ceiling fan - LOVE LOVE!

Loving the asian vibe! I am also thinking twice about the shower wall hidey-hole - I am quite liking seeing it all in white! Admittantly the tile is quite small or it has a design, but I reallu love how clean the white is! I will have to find out if ours would have clean edges or if it would be edged in aluminium. I think I would be happy with either, but this is so minimal - LOVE IT! Maybe instead of a fussy tiny mosaic, we could get a small square white tile inlaid instead? or use the same type of tile throughout? Hmmm... interesting...

I LOVE the bright as a button art on the stark white walls. It looks so impressively modern and brightens the room! The exposed cord hanging lights over the dining room are also amazing, but I know I will never get that through Mr Piggy! For one, we would have to pay for 3 x light fittings and secondly - it looks unfinished and he isn't too fussed on that...

Black framed windows look amazing. It makes the windows look like you are gazing into pictures...


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