Monday, January 31, 2011


Being that we will have a lot of earthy colour and the stark white walls - we need to break it up a bit. We also need to distinguish the lounge room area - as it is open plan living. We intend to get a modern, modula sofa with masculine lines which will help define the area, but I think a rug will work best.

Despite the very similar colours of this lounge area - the rug adds a different texture and defines the space. I like that.

There are a gazillion rugs out there so I wouldn't know where to start - except that I have seen some fabulous rugs that are COMPLETELY out of our price range by Dinosaur Designs that really inspire. They have a retro feel without going too far and can be monotone or colourful (I don't know if Mr Piggy would be too happy with pink though). I read somewhere that you can get them coloured to suit your decor as well. This is all out the question for me - but there is nothing wrong with immersing yourself as much as you can - perhaps I will find a similar style for a bargain?

I am loving the 1st there - so mucch vivid colour but so suited to so many interiors!

Loving the names - like Banana Split for this one!!


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