Sunday, January 30, 2011

current decisions made

As of this moment, we have come to the following decisions...

  • window frames - black
  • walls painted - stark white (thats just a description - not sure of the actual paint name yet..)
  • internal common area floors - brown tile
  • carpet in certain areas, bedrooms etc. - brown
  • kitchen cupboards - white
  • kitchen benchtop - macchiato (Essa Stone)
  • kitchen splashback - all stainless steel, as high as the rangehood (at this moment - depends on cost)
  • wet area floor tile - brown
  • wet area wall tile - white
  • bathroom mosaic feature - Natural split plus emperor dark from De Lorenzo (depending on cost) to be put in wall recess in shower only and maybe on tap area of bath.
  • bathroom cupboards - dark brown with a timber finish
  • bathroom benchtop - white
  • feature wall that flatscreen tv goes on - dark grey
  • ceiling fans in - main bedroom, lounge room, alfresco, study
Ok, thats pretty good I think! I know it seems to be a lot of brown, but I saw lots of homes today with brown floors and white walls and they even changed Daddy Piggy's way of thinking! He is old school - cream walls and he came around!

Also thinking that we should go as light a brick as we can - so it doesn't suck in too much heat from the sun (we don't have air conditioning and we do not want to fry!) and maybe as light a roof as we can! A lot of people are going for really dark - almost roofs. If we can go lighter - it will help with the heat.

Another thought is - we should get whirly birds on the roof to let as much heat out as we can!

Eco-smart and $$ smart!

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