Sunday, January 30, 2011

featuring 'mosaic'!

I have been noticing a lot of feature mosaic tiles in bathrooms. They look beautiful and I know they are very $$ but they are gorgeous! I know the show homes have to look pretty and its their way of conning you into upgrading (where they will make a tidy little commission) but I am allowed to look!

PS. Sorry there aren't any bright colours in here - just not into that personally!

Even the kitchens are preddy...

Metallic is really being pushed... preddy but a hell to clean I would imagine. Also very $$

This is like our proposed shower! Again the metallic isn't for us so we need a cheaper option that is also gorge to the max! We also get the little wall hidey-hole included too!

I am loving how the strip in the wall goes all the way along! I am loving that!

I told Mr Piggy about it and saiud we should find out if we can get it too! He thinks its too expensive...but we don't even know yet! I mean, wouldn't it be easier to do this wall than make a hole like the top one?

As apart of our tender we get a strip of mosaics in the shower - just like the one below. We have to pay for laying costs though, which amount to around $50. I don't care about the $50. I am absolutely fine with that, but the little flat mosaics running down the wall grated on me a bit. I kept looking at them in the tiling place wondering how we could do something different, without blowing the budget. This is what is would look like, below.

Then today, while walking through show homes, I saw something that looked amazing...feature mosaics not as a strip down the wall, but only in the little wall cavity we get in the shower! Brilliant! I love it so much! I went with Daddy Piggy today to get his thoughts on things and he thought it was a great idea too! So now I am seeing these tiles in the feature wall cavity in lots of homes!

Not to fond ofg the feature in this house... I don't like the colour running all the way up the wall...

This tile has a wood grain which I thought was interesting... Made me think though - we don't necessarily need a mosaic tile - you could use another larger tile in this place..

This is what started the craze... Thankfully the cavity in our bathroom will be bigger though...

And if you have a bath (which our bathroom has) you can put the feature tile near the tub! What I love about this is that so few mosaics have been used - which make the whole exercise cheaper!!

I checked out Di Lorenzo tiles and found this mosaic which I love! I love that it is raw and natural, I love that some parts are rough and some are flat and smooth.

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