Tuesday, August 3, 2010

prize hunt on the wall...for the vegetarians and PETA supporters

I am seeing these deer heads everywhere now and although they are only made of cardboard / balsa wood etc. they cost a fortune.

Check out thehappyhomeblog for instructions on how to make it!

I love how unusual / kitsche it is! I so need a fireplace to hang it over.

I know people will see it and roll their eyes at me - but if you can't have fun at home...where can you have fun!!??

Or you could do it in balsar wood... easy to work with - still cheap and would last longer. Balsar would work with a lot more interior design...

A wall decal would be different!! (The colour around the outside is just the colour of the wall)

The stuffed toy head on the wall would be absolutely classic in a kid's room!! I want one!!!

This would be the non-do-it-at-home-designer-alternative but you still have to love it!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

pretty? wear a potato sack...

A do-it-yourself!!?? I love one of those! And it helps with my organisation...all the better!!!

don't lose yourself in the rental

Ok, so we're now considering renting for a period of time. Hadn't thought of it before, but here we are... So now I have potentially a whole lot more to think about with design. Phew!

Who knows where we could be - it would have to be based on the lifestyle, with some good transport and space for the pooch. We aren't rich, so we won't be splashing out on some palacial home... how do you plan for design you haven't yet seen?

I did a quick Google search - found ideas like "paint a room", "lay down a rug", "change the curtains"... do I look like an idiot? Wouldn't that be what everyone would come up with?

I am thinking that, for one - we need to choose a home that suits us. Just because its a rental, we shouldn't lose ourselves. We need to be able to entertain. We need room - but not too much. It would be nice to have loved ones stay over. A must would be a fairly good kitchen, fairly open plan house - with a good roofed deck or outside area. That deck will become like another room - extra space to entertain or relax.

Floor boards are also a must (they would have been in our home as well). I love them for me - much more than tiles. Tiles are cold under my feet and the shininess makes me think of a bathroom. I love the feel of floorboards and the colour naturally looks warm. It makes me feel warmer. Old carpet breeds dust and who knows what else.

So how do we design with items that can easily move into future homes? I don't think it would be wrong to buy a good plasma, lounge and dining table. But for all the other things it wouldn't be silly to stick with a neutral tone - I guess white fits the bill.

Oh my - theres so much more to think about now! I have really opened up a lot of options...thats going to make it more fun - so much more inspiration!!!


why let the kids have all the fun?

Its not like I have a child's room to decorate or anything...but why should that have to be my excuse? I just LOVE this mobile! Its simple and so cute. I would love to see this drifting around my ceiling on the waves of an evening breeze (its pretty windy outside - hence my poetic inspiration...)

Am I addicted to boats? I am thinking so....because I am so in love with this... its likely I would make it! omg people are going to think they are walking into a daycare when we have a home!! :)

Thanks thehappyhomeblog.com for keeping the child in me alive and kicking! I wish I knew someone that was having a boy!

...so, off boats and into the air... this adult mobile sure wouldn't get any second looks. Love it!

 ...and then we get all modern - I just can't help myself!!! Its a weakness!