Monday, August 2, 2010

why let the kids have all the fun?

Its not like I have a child's room to decorate or anything...but why should that have to be my excuse? I just LOVE this mobile! Its simple and so cute. I would love to see this drifting around my ceiling on the waves of an evening breeze (its pretty windy outside - hence my poetic inspiration...)

Am I addicted to boats? I am thinking so....because I am so in love with this... its likely I would make it! omg people are going to think they are walking into a daycare when we have a home!! :)

Thanks for keeping the child in me alive and kicking! I wish I knew someone that was having a boy!, off boats and into the air... this adult mobile sure wouldn't get any second looks. Love it!

 ...and then we get all modern - I just can't help myself!!! Its a weakness!

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