Tuesday, August 3, 2010

prize hunt on the wall...for the vegetarians and PETA supporters

I am seeing these deer heads everywhere now and although they are only made of cardboard / balsa wood etc. they cost a fortune.

Check out thehappyhomeblog for instructions on how to make it!

I love how unusual / kitsche it is! I so need a fireplace to hang it over.

I know people will see it and roll their eyes at me - but if you can't have fun at home...where can you have fun!!??

Or you could do it in balsar wood... easy to work with - still cheap and would last longer. Balsar would work with a lot more interior design...

A wall decal would be different!! (The colour around the outside is just the colour of the wall)

The stuffed toy head on the wall would be absolutely classic in a kid's room!! I want one!!!

This would be the non-do-it-at-home-designer-alternative but you still have to love it!!

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