Sunday, March 28, 2010

seeing spots

Ok, are we the sadest dog owners ever?

...Let me set the scene. Mr Piggy and I have a Dalmatian. We love him and would like to include him in elements around the house. I mean, when you have a specific pet or breed it makes you smile when you see something that reminds you of them. We definately want to stop short of a multitude of photos that say 'shrine' more than 'love' though. If you have so much of something in your home that it makes you feel as if you should light some candles and make a food offering - then YOU HAVE GONE TOO FAR!

That said you should also not group them together too much I think - something here and there would definately balance the place out much better.

So, I had a look on etsy and found some fabulous little ready to buy items. They're fun - first and foremost and original as they are all made by hand. Who knows these artists could make it big one day and your inexpensive little purchase just become a fortune!



Ok, I'll stop being so selfish - here are some other pet art you can find just by giving a bit of loving time to Esty..

This one is so cool I must admit - you send the pic and they create it into a Warhol-esqe masterpiece! Imagine the possiblities!


There are magnets with other animals, but I love it how the sausage dogs can't fit onto one! Classic!


You could even do something like this at home too I imagine? Silhouettes can be modern/classic depending on colours and style and could really pull the colours in a room together.

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