Saturday, April 17, 2010

the ice hotel

Mr Piggy and I made a trip to Jukkasjärvi, Sweden in 2007. It is 200kms above the Arctic Circle. We stayed at The Ice Hotel- which is a hotel made entirely of ice. It melts and is re-built every year - redesigned each time by some fabulous sculptors and artists.

The doors are covered in reindeer skins.

Am I planning on building my home out of ice - no. But I think our personal photos are a fabulous source of inspiration for making something unique, breath taking and creative, out of something so simple. They have taken ice to a new level - taken some risks and come out on the other end with a concept so original, people flock from around the world. Minus 5 ice bars have been popping up in homage, such as the one in Sydney.

I would completely recommend for everyone to experience The Ice Hotel. Its a once in a lifetime experience. The photos simply do not do it justice!

The main hall - do you see Mr Piggy's hand poking out from behind the chair? This picture is my favourite!
Yes the chandelier is made out of ice!

The Ice Chapel. P.S. you can get married there

The hallway

The Designer Rooms

This was as fairly a classic room as you can find - except, it was entirely made out of ice!! The fire in the fireplace was carved ice!!

This was the side of one room. Water appeared to be cascading into a pool - but it was all ice of course!

This extra large, deluxe room even has its own sitting area for guests!

You wouldn't want the ice to touch bare skin on the way into bed!

The little hallway and door led into this room

This room was so simple, it looked amazing. It looking like water droplets were hitting the wall and the large ice you can see rising from the floor, was like the response of the water droplet. Amazing.

Very Arab-esque - like a bathhouse or something

This room scared us a little bit. The sculpture on the wall was a cross between a dark angel and Madonna (her boobs were pointy!)

The Snow Rooms

The Hallway

The Snow Rooms were cheaper than the Designer Rooms (but you still got to have a peek at the designer rooms! The snow rooms were a basic ice room with your own little ice carved sculpture!

FYI you sleep in extra warm thermal sleeping bags (you can even get double size for couples). It is placed on top of the reindeer skins, as the reindeer skins keep the cold away from under you. Your door is a little archway with a curtain for privacy.

The Ice Bar

The Ice Bar that started it all...
You drink out of cups made of ice of course!

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