Tuesday, April 13, 2010

served with grey goose vodka?

Who would have thought a patio could be so monotone, but so preddy!

Note to self:
  • rustic looking stones = recycled materials = cheap!
  • you don't need flowers and colour just because its a garden!
  • AND this means - water restrictions won't hurt your garden and our drought stricken country will thank you!
Thought to self...why do we so commonly think of English gardens? I think I need to look into some inspiration for gardens around the world! Just as long as it isn't those over-the-top Thailand gardens with elephants and Buddha! Don't get me wrong - Buddha is great, but I would rather concentrate on texture, light and shadow in a garden! And make it comfortable of course!

I can't build a wall, but I am thinking paving, garden edges - Indian gardens swathed in white fabric, shading you on a hot afternoon...

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