Thursday, February 4, 2010

home beautiful - eternal sunshine

Home Beautiful Magazine has some gorgeous homes. Their website is a great source of inspiration. Its great when you can find pictures of a home that is close by and say " I can do something like that!" Sure, their finances may be better, but why can't you look at something you like and find alternatives, or scrimp elseware?

This home is a renovated 1890s cottage in Cammeray, Sydney. It holds a family of Mum and Dad and two young girls.

What have I learnt?
  • when in doubt - make it white
  • don't be afraid to have desks/cupboards run the length of a whole wall (a la study and home theatre)
  • natural light is essential
  • keep things simple
  • use a few colours and use them well
  • i love window seats! (a la home theatre) comfy to relax on, for extra guest seating and clever storage

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