Friday, February 5, 2010

maps de art!

A home on the Home Beautiful magazine website has a great idea for some personal art!

It appears as though they have gotten a big copy of a map / picture in birds eye view, cut it up into pieces and framed each individual piece. The colour of the black frames against the stark white walls works well in their chic monochrome home.

This has gotten me thinking - what an inexpensive way to hang personal art!?

Hubby Piggy and I have been talking about what art interests us. We have similar tastes and we love things that are different. I'm the crafty one so no doubt it will come down to me doing it, but I think it would be a lot of fun!

Things you can frame in this way...a

  • poster (even a big picture would work)
  • photo - blown up and then cut up - a close up of a face or an eye for those more modern, a photo of a meadow or a garden for a country house..
  • map from a holiday destination - somewhere overseas, something from your childhood, a place you would love to go (great inspiration for saving!)
  • birds eye view of a place (I would love a picture of Paris - would remind me of looking down on it from the Eiffel Tower!)

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