Thursday, February 4, 2010

its not burgulary, its...

Why look at decor before you even have a house?
  • its fun
  • gets the creative juices flowing
  • helps us to create our dream house
The more we talk about building/ buying / buying and renovating, the more we realise that we need to know what we want it to look like inside! How can we get the package if we don't know what our wants and needs are?

Sure, we have to factor in how close we are to good schools (no lil' piggies on the way yet, though! Phew!), parks and recreation (love a bit of cycling and walking the dog), local shops, somewhere you feel safe etc. BUT if we don't know our decorating style, how are we going to know if the house is right for us?

I have a very strong feeling at this point that people probably do it the other way around. Sure, you might talk about what decorating you like and dislike or point something out in the shops and say "ooh how good would this look in our house!" but how good would it be to be able to walk around a display home or one thats up for sale and be able to say with certainty "we could put those shelves in here" and "this bathroom is the right size for that bath we like?"

No more justifying - I'll confess - I am obsessed with homes and want to see more, more, more!! I'm keeping my eye out for any pictures of inspiration in real homes (ok, they're more like display homes, but whatever!) so I can steal ideas! Steal is a bad word... appropriate - thats better! I a going to post all the beautiful homes I find so I can appropriate their gorgeous ideas into our own home!

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