Friday, January 22, 2010

house warming

Ok, I am getting ahead of myself - don't even have a house yet, but I am thinking about the house warming! But how can I help it when Fabulous Stationary has such delicious invites! They are original, modern, classy and the quality is tip-top! No ho-hum!

The retailer is based in Philadelphia and everything can be done over the net. I have personally dealt with them for the calling cards which my husband and I used as Save the Dates for our wedding in 2009 (as below, of course our text was different). We even stuck a little magnet on the back so people could display it on their fridge!

They confirm all the details over email and when you are happy, you promptly receive the package in the post. I received our calling cards in a cute little box with an enviro-bag, which I thought was a great touch.

Some other calling card designs (size of a business card)...

Now - for the invite and announcement cards!

Why do you need this stationary? Well, if the puddle of your drool on the floor isn't reason enough, think about all the people you need to advise of your change of address. A calling card may be more appropriate; or your house warming - let your invites express you!

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