Tuesday, January 19, 2010

singing in the rain

Picture courtesy of Picture Show Man

Although we don't often give ourselves the opportunity, the feel of rain on your skin is so relaxing and primal. Imagine being able to bring that feeling inside your own home?

Its not mandatory, but water saving shower heads are becoming increasingly popular in this time of drought. Rightly so they are also becoming more chic. Reece has brought out the Halo shower head in response to this demand. Its stunning to look at, winning the Home Beautiful Product of the Year Award 2009. It uses only 7.5 Litres per minute (conventional showers used approx. 10 Litres per minute) and feels like rain.

For a different take on the conventional shower head and for a more modern look, the Italian industrial designer Giulio Lacchetti has designed the DROP shower. Made from durable silicon, it is available in various colours, does not clog up with lime deposits and is completely recyclable. Water falls from it like rain and it runs at 7.5 Litres per minute. Being so resistant to heat, oxygen and sunlight it could easily be used outside without causing any damage.

Outside shower anyone?

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