Monday, January 18, 2010


Ok, I am officially off in la-la land now because Metricon looks quite $pricey$ - but this blog isn't about realism. Its about inspiration and research and part of my research is looking at gorgeous houses! Whose to say that I won't see things in houses that are out of my price range that could be appropriated into a cheaper option, or which will inspire me further in other areas! To the nay-sayers I say :oP

All the pics are in flash - except for one pics for each home - so I can't publish the floor plan and other pics like I did last time :o(

I'll just put the links in so you can have a better look. Remember - there are several facades for each design!!

These homes are so delicious (if I am allowed to describe them that way)! They look warm and inviting, modern with some classic lines and they're not ho-hum! They're different! Not the cloned little homes that are out there at the moment!

There are also double storey homes offered by Metricon, but we are only interested in single storey presently.

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