Tuesday, January 19, 2010

go organic

Pictures courtesy of Architecturelist.com

Its so refreshing to see different ideas - people stepping outside the box.

The Nanyang Technological University Singapore has a green grass roof that connects smoothly with the landscape. The line between landscape and building is blurred. The building sits organically in its space and above all remains functional! The roof can now be used a gathering space, the grass acts to cool the building by insulating it and cooling the surrounding air and water is harvested from it for irrigation. Natural light is let into the conplex.

The complex is set against a heavily wooded area, so the architects wanted to create a building that blended in with its surroundings.

I am not suggesting that we all build our homes into hills or grass our roofs, but think creatively about what we need and how we can go about getting it. It may be as simple as thinking about where the sun rises and sets against the building or how best to utilise natural breezes to cool a house.

Now days its all about the environment. How do we become more environmentally friendly? Are there new ways this can be done? Are there cheaper alternatives to options already on the market?

My biggest issue is space. Land today is markedly smaller than in times past. How do we have a home with enough space for entertaining and a backyard for our precious pooch? How can we fit in enough rooms and bedrooms for future family plans? How do we fit in all our stuff without cluttering the place? I am not suggesting throwing out your childhood tropheys or reserving a special box in the garage for your things. Where can we put all our stuff?

Let me channel my smarty pants inner architect and interior decorator and think up, up and away!

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