Monday, January 18, 2010

bathroom - be inspired!

Oh, look! A bathroom that isn't stark white, or covered in pictures of seashells or one with outdated tiles the colour of tacky lavender, orange or baby poo yellow!!

That reminds me - you can use different tones in your bathroom to compliment without being too matchy matchy. Example - when I was a little girl I came across a woman's bathroom that was lavender - ALL LAVENDER! I am talking the toilet, the toilet seat cover, the sink, the bath, the tiles - EVERYTHING! I am sure that no plumber/tiler would allow for such a crime to happen today, but none the less - they are out there! Take a moment to think if you are searching for a home on one of the real estate websites and they put pictures up of every room, except the bathroom... will the lavender bathroom be waiting for you?

Its like people get to the bathroom and say: toilet - check, shower - check, bath - check, sink - check - and THAT'S IT! Where's the creativity people!?

I think we all know people (we may even be one of those people) that complain about their bathroom. Maybe the size of it is not something we can easily change, but if its not functional - its no good! How much time do we spend in the bathroom? It's worthwhile to have what you want!

Image courtesy of Tradelink
This one reminds me of a modern japanese bath house. I wonder if that was the look they were going for? I love the look of wooden elements in the bathroom. I am not sure how practical it would be - you would imagine there would be issues with water and steam rotting the timber prematurely? But if you can seal timber homes against the elements, it must be ok?! I mean, you can get some pretty good exhaust fans for the bathroom now...

Image courtesy of Tradelink

Image courtesy of Reece

Image courtesy of Reece
 I have died, gone to heaven and woken up in an earthy, warm room with shades of timber and stone. I LOVE this bathroom! Is it so wrong of me to lust after such a gorgeous room? Makes our current bathroom look c.r.a.p! How do I love thee? Let me count the ways...

  1. stone on walls...mmm...
  2. timber floors? WOW - how can I make this happen?
  3. dark timber - so different to your average bathroom. No ho-hum!
  4. bath not attached to wall - space is your friend
  5. couple sinks - I bet the guy that invented those had a long and happy marriage!
  6. sinks - look like bowls sitting on a bench - how classy!
  7. Shower not surrounded by a glass tomb - thank you! Nobody likes cleaning the streaks, but everyone gets glass...whats with that?!
  8. The accent colours - a green wash in the shower, a metallic bronze in the toilet. Who would have thought!?

Image courtesy of Reece
Don't be afraid of a splash of colour! The towels don't have to be white to match the walls! Match the colour against the same shade somewhere else in the room! The cheapest way to update that stark white bathroom? It looks very modern, young and fresh.

Image courtesy of Reece
Its like the outside is inside. Pity you couldn't open slats on the side in the modern house - not enough space between you and the neighbours! That would give them quite a shock! Don't know how practical this one is - pebbles are beautiful but maybe the most you would be able to do with those is pile them up in a vase?

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