Friday, January 15, 2010

the confessional

I know NOTHING! Phew, feels good to get that off my chest! Let me introduce myself. I am The Little Pig that will be filling this blog with ideas, inspiration, house plans, links, pictures - you name it, if I can dream it, if it means anything to me - its in!

As I mentioned in a short description about me - my husband and I are toying with the idea of building our first home. We came to that thought after trawling through, etc. and realised that we don't like any of the normal homes that are within our budget. My husband doesn't like old houses; I couldn't care either way, just as long as we get something that we want, that is right for us. BUT thats the problem. None of these houses are right for us! We aren't builders - we would be completely inept at the fixer-up-ers. We would be great at giving the place a new lick of paint, hiring a tradie to change the light fittings or build a pagola, but thats the extent of our skills. We have some great ideas to research further that would really inject our personalities into the place - but we need a slate.

BORING! Thats how I feel looking at most homes. We like a more modern house. If we can find that already built on the size block that would work for us - great! But that dream is becoming more and more unrealistic. Building may be the way to go...

So thats where we are right now. Being Ms. Creative I LOVE to research - get excited about the small things - imagine them in a bigger context - look for a great deal. So that is the duty I am taking on. But how do I store all this stuff and be able to find them all again without having a gazillion icons on my desktop or hiding in my inbox...blogging! This is my first time, so be gentle on me.

I am happy to get suggestions from anywhere, so load me up. It could be the most obscure inspiration, or the most obvious one. Who knows where this will take me...

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