Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Clarendon 'Kenthurst'

I heart this house!

1 storey - 4 bedrooms - 2 bathrooms - 2 carspaces

12.2m width - 19.7m depth

Fairly open plan and oh so preddy!

My facades in order of love love

1. Most love love - The Metro

2. Contemporary

 3. Boutique

4. Gallery

5. Traditional

Is it wrong of me to prefer every facade over the Traditional one? Does that mean I have expensive tastes? I have a feeling deep down that it does. I am a little scared to look at the actual pricing now... ill check out the rest of the website later...

Lets dream about the interior instead!!

I love love the timber floors, neutral colour scheme, the holes in the wall between the family room and the living room so the rooms aren't too divided, a kitchen that is open to the lounge and dining area. I know I have expensive dreams when I lust over the sliding glass doors that open onto the alfresco area. They are so preddy! Imagine having breakfast outside... I love how the doors open right up so the alresco area becomes a continuation of the house. All the rooms meld into one. Ahhhhh...

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