Monday, January 18, 2010

let there be light!

I was checking out Jamie Durie's Patio range for Target when I came across garden lighting options. Thinking about it, I realised how much lighting is often overlooked.

When I was looking through the Metricon range of homes, they stood out because of the mood lighting. Thats what grabbed me. They looked warm and inviting. Why can't we make our own homes warm and inviting?

Garden lighting feels like a bit of a luxury and quite a bit of work to set it up, but the Jamie Durie range is solar powered so you push them into the ground, charge them up and away they go! Also the prices are really reasonable - under $30 for certain sets and items.

A directional spotlight could be shone up a tree, at the house or into a dark position in an entertainment area.

Stone finish bollard lights could fit between stones in your garden so they don't stand out too much. Stones would throw the light and shadow in different directions, which would make it interesting.

These floating lights (yes, floating!) are safe in water and could be used in a pool, fountain - anything you like! I love the look of candles floating in water. These would be safer and you wouldn't have to blow them out!

I am not sure what Jamie Durie's lights look like at night. The picture below is just to inspire.

Picture taken by Richard Webb 2007 from website

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