Thursday, January 21, 2010

martha martha martha

Officer, put an ankle bracelet on me and put me under house arrest at Martha Stewart's place - because she is my idol!

My dream would be to work for her - playing with crafts all day, taking pretty pictures and updating the Martha Stewart website. I love her! So...she is going to be on this blog...A LOT!

I have been thinking about outdoor living a lot lately so I thought I would check out what Martha has to offer. She has some fabulous pictures of how to light and decorate entertaining areas in cheap and creative ways.

Love the tiki lamps. They are cheap, look so preddy and are easily stored. On a side point, I love the path in this picture. It is windy enough to appear to blend in with the natural surroundings and it has large stone pavers interspersed between grass. Maybe a way to save money on pavers? Don't pave the whole thing, just a few here and there. It outlines where the path is really well, but doesn't cost a fortune? Also, have a thought about the grass. Even if you are paving, grass is going to grow between the cracks and then you have to physically pull it out yourself. If you leave the path fairly natural, as above, you can just run the lawn mower over it!

You don't need expensive outdoor lighting for your entertainment area. Hang jam jars with tealight candles underneath tabletop umbrellas to save on table space (also keeps them out of the hands of the tiny tots!) The mood would be much improved from that of the glare of a floodlight or starkness of a lightbulb.

Turn a camp cot into an elegent daybed. That would be a lot cheaper than buying some of the day beds out there! Use an old cot frame, sand it back and give it a lick of paint.

If you need a new mattress, you can buy foam by the metre at places in Australia such as Clark Rubber, cover it in a fabric of your choice and whola! I do admit the cushions in complementing fabrics do look fabulous!

Coming into a new home in a new housing area, chances are the only shade you have, is the shade you have created yourself. New home builders rarely have enough money to include a covered verandah or pagola, to enjoy your backyard, so don't wait for the trees to grow - just string a canopy up yourself!

There are ready made styles available in building stores or you can create one yourself with a piece of fabric and some string!

Sometimes the simplest solutions are the hardest ideas to come up with!

Creative and functional is the motto!

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