Monday, January 18, 2010

bathrooms by real people

I found the most fabulous pics from a competition Reece ran - for the best bathrooms from REAL people! Its easy to imagine how all these products can transform your bathroom, but to see it...priceless!

I love them all so I will have to blog them in sections. I'll start with the competition winner. Swoon over this...

1st place 2009

Tell me, is anyone else concerned that the neighbour's house pokes up over the fence, and the bedrooms look upon the bathroom? The bathroom is beautiful, but getting out of the bath may prove to be a struggle - on you and on other people's eyes!

2nd place winner

A winner


This bathroom didn't immediately grab me, but on closer inspection, this is great use of a small room. I mentioned before how I am not a fan of the average shower - the glass tomb. I love the look of glass, but I hate cleaning it (who does?) I've seen something like this before - instead on installing a shower, a wall is built to surround the shower and is long enough so it doesn't spray out. The owner has cleverly used this wall to seperate the bathroom in two - the shower is to the right and the toilet is to the left. The wall itself has been used to mount the sink and mirror. Great use of space!

Also, the toilet with the hidden cistern. I keep seeing it over and over again. It looks so sleek. I'll need to find out how it works!

Although I dream of a large bathroom - its not going to happen within our current budget, so ideas like these make me sigh with relief - I can have a small bathroom that still looks amazing!


What courage with pattern and colour! The long window above the bath is the perfect height to let some light into the room. I would imagine you could do that anywhere - on an external wall or internal long as the glass was frosted - no onlookers please!

1st place 2007

Glass splashbacks are interesting although they would have to be costantly wiped down. Lots of storage space is excellent! I think people don't think enough about storage. Sure, you may not have that much to store now, but the longer you live in one place, the more it adds up! I would rather hide things away than have shampoo and conditioner bottles, medicine, skin care and toothbrushes laying about. Everything looks so clean.

1st place 2006

 Love love the contrast between dark brown and cream/white. Not much storage in here, but they used timber so they are fogiven!! I love long window that runs along the side of the bath! It is a great idea to let light in and give you something to look at while soaking in the bath. I love that its low enough so the neighbours cannot spy on you. What a great idea! Until now, I envisioned windows as being only higher up on the wall. This is a great idea for the modern house as houses are so close together, windows just look in on each other. Would also motivate you to keep the side of the house tidy!


I am not usually attracted to small tiles, but these are growing on me. I love how they have used the wall to put the shower behind, although the room is quite large so I think it has more of a feel of a football bathroom/changeroom. The more I look at the pics, the more I feel I am about to get towel-whipped! Love the painted wall around the toilet. Who says you have to tile the whole bathroom?! This may also be a good way to save money, or to help fund a more expensive element of the bathroom - cut out on tiles that aren't necessary?

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