Saturday, February 6, 2010

loo space

It should be pretty apparent by now that I love storage solutions! I love a clever use of space!

Most home now days have a seperate toilet and I must say that it seems like a long room of wasted space to me. We're all used to sitting in cubicles so how much space do we really need?

I love Ambience Bain's solution of having a permanent cupboard behind the toilet. Brillance! It appears that they have used a Hideaway toilet - the cistern hides away behind a wall - or in this case, the cupboard. European styling, space saving design and best of don't have to clean behind the toilet anymore!! - via freshome

I am also loving this shower, hidden behind a wall. I am not a fan of glass (aargh - the cleaning!) but I like how each of the bathroom facilities aren't spread out along all the walls. I am sick of seeing rectangular, unoriginal bathrooms!

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