Saturday, May 29, 2010

am I too cynical?

Yes, I probably am... ok, I outright admit it!

I have started on a whole new plane of thought in this blog now - dissing other people's design! Am I an expert? No. Do I have any qualifications outside an interest in design? No. But why should that stop me? Why should I have to shut my mouth and just appreciate everything without having a playful poke?!

I read an interview in Vogue recently where a very well dressed fashionista commented that her partner thought very highly of her because she never dissed other people's fashion. She believes that fashion is a form of self expression, so she does not feel right judging other people's wares. After a giant scoff, I sat back and started to feel guilty - am I a bad person because I 'bag-out' others' fashion/design? I don't do it to their face and I would never lie to someone telling them I loved something, when I actually didn't; but does that make me a bad person??

I tried to stop, I tried to go cold turkey, but inside me I just had to let those comments out that were bubbling up. I am not a bad person - I swear! I'm not evil! I like to discuss things, I like to see where people are coming from. I like to throw comments back and forth and see where that gets me.

Its easier of course to have trouble understanding the design of people you don't know - for the people I do know, I just LOVE seeing their personalities come out in things that they do, design, create, wear. It can't happen all the time (I certainly don't have an endless bank account or wardrobe), but I just LOVE IT when you see people making a real effort - and its 'so them'!!

Ok I have talked it out now. I feel better. From now on i'm not going to 'diss'. I am going to deconstruct design that is foreign to me - give opinions and determine if 'its me' or not - look at each of the elements. Everyone has different tastes and can make their own decisions, but I hope this blog brings some things to your attention that you may not think of, or that may open your eyes to other areas.

Remember - no ho-hum! This is our motto!

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