Saturday, May 29, 2010

light up the museum

It feels like museum lighting, doesn't it? It would be interesting having lighting that does not only light the room, but is pointed towards specific areas of the room, walls and ceilings.

I actually saw a show on ABC recently, where a family was renovating a house. Because they had open beams and an exposed ceiling that followed the shape of the roof, they found that the normal level lighting was not working- they had dark sections above that ruined the feel of the room. They used directional lighting that shone upwards and suddenly the room felt bigger and warmer.

This room is interesting too because it is centred, instead of being aimed towards a TV in the corner, or at the side. I think you would need a lot of room in your house for this, because this feels like a bit of a waste of space. I would rather just curl up on a lounge in front of the fireplace..

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