Monday, May 3, 2010

fern gully isn't going to be too happy...

...and you can see much timber! Hope its from those renewable farms!!

But as much as I am thinking of those poor trees - its oh so preddy!!!

The soft sand-coloured wood is so light and it feels so close to nature. It would be at home near the beach, or in a forest. It brings a really organic feeling of outside - inside.

They have gone that one step further and put what looks like timber flooring on the walls - it sure looks different and nothing like that fake wood paneling that Nanna used to have!

Off the point a little, but... I want windows! Lots and lots of windows!

Loving the feel of dark wood with the black and white interior. It feels so ultra modern. And what is it with these artworks!!?? The yellow canvas (with black border) is so simple - I don't think I would ever consider it - but it works so well in this space! Bravo! Add that to the memory bank!

Doesn't the floor make you feel like the dining set has just risen out of it? I can't imagine anything else belonging in this space, more than this.

On the ceiling!? I feel like this room is all topsy turvy!! But its strangely alluring...

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