Saturday, May 29, 2010

industrial area interior design

I found this fab little article on Gwyneth Paltrow's . It is a great source of inspiration! An Interior Designer, Annette Joseph was called in to decorate an industrial-style apartment for G.P. in 10 days, so she acted quick and made things simple and functional. Theres no use putting the before pics up because they are a big pile of nothing, so check them out if you want on the site, but I say lets concentrate on the positives because the final product is delish!

I am loving the polished concrete floors accentuated by plush, thick rugs in the living areas!

Didn't think I was a big fan of the clear plastic chairs (as seen in the dining area), but I am coming around. I think I prefer them better when they are interspersed with other furniture. I love the way they fit with almost anything and they let the light through so the area feels less cluttered, but you still have maximum space. And...they can be wiped down!

Ooh check out those high lights, hanging from the frames - very nice (lets hope they can be lowered when it comes to changing the bulb!)

Ooh a cook's kitchen! I am really coming around to the aluminium island idea. I think its great as it lets light through, is easily cleaned and you can get one on wheels so you can move it around and change the space you have available. I also love being able to see food in the kitchen. It feels so homely. You could put potatoes and onions and the like in the baskets under the kitchen island. I think the more you see good food, the more you are encouraged to eat it!

You know what I realised to? I can see the bins - and they don't look out of place! The aluminium all fits in! Thats the thing with a lot of kitchens, they don't have a bin - or its hidden in a cupboard - so it gets all smelly and its not big enough - and it just doesn't make any sense!

Found those hanging lights in a flea market? B****!

The tiles in the bathroom are different, but they don't look out of place. I like how the bathroom is so open.

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