Saturday, May 29, 2010

gossip girl

Oh how I love Gossip Girl... let me count the ways...
  1. the fashion
  2. the style and design
  3. Blair and Chuck - they is my favourites!
Ok, back on track - I love taking notice of the interior design of TV shows and movies. They put so much detail into everything and really make it match the personality of the characters (which is what I am always preaching on here - so naturally, I LOVE IT!)

The set designer describes her style as a "rejection of the conventions of the Upper East Side while still respecting many of it's traditions and values".

Lets ooh and ahh at the Ven der Woodsen home together, among others...

The Living Room

The Dining Room

Serena's Bedroom

Home Office


Fabulous Dining

The Palace Hotel

Waldorf Living Room

The Humphrey Brooklyn Loft


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