Saturday, May 29, 2010

the tile free bathroom - genius

Ok I keep coming back to this same bathroom idea (although tile free is a first)...the shower screen-less bathroom! Seriously, if you can get out of cleaning glass - then do it!

This photo below is seriously as pretty as a picture. Its arty to the max - and it makes me wonder - if you are getting out of cleaning glass, then why in hell would you be putting a mirror so close to the shower? Splashes, soap scum, steam...I'm being a realist here!

This bathroom is like looking at a painting. You know, I am not usually the realist. I would probably end up being the one to place that mirror near the shower, just because it looked so pretty, having my husband telling me its a stupid idea!

OMG I cannot believe how in love I am with that shower. It is so gorgeous! I don't know how realistic it is - design and cleaning wise, but I haven't seen something like that before, and I love that! You know what I am thinking though - no need to grout the tiles, clean that scum out that discolours the grout... that would be a dream. Talking about tiles, it also looks like there is wooden slat flooring in the bottom of the shower. That would feel so gorgeous under your feet!

They are really going for the japanese-feel in all of this. The bath below reminds me of a japanese bath house. I love the wood in bathrooms, although you would probably have to treat the stuff regularly, huh? Its a really lovely contrast against the grey, smooth, industrial feel of the walls. It brings a certain amount of earthy-ness to the room.

Here are some pics from the holiday Mr Piggy and I had in Japan. We went to a much larger tradition bath house, but of course I couldn't get an pics of that! Lots of naked women would not have been too happy! We stayed at a traditional Japanese hotel in Tokyo, which is called a Ryokan. They had two tiny little communal bathhouses to use (one for men and one for women). I couldn't help taking a few pictures (because I was the only person in there) and its so different to what we're used to back home.

You sit on these tiny little kid-sized stools and wash yourself first.

The room is very humid and steamy - a mix between a spa and a sauna (much bigger bath houses would be a little bit cooler). The water is so hot, you can only stay in for a short while.

To do: Visit a traditional Japanese bath house! Communal bathing is so empowering! I was the only Western person in the whole room, walking my nude self around. Who would have thought it could be so amazing.

Infusing yourself into your home is a beautiful thing. I tend to draw inspiration from travels and quirkiness. You don't need photos to make you remember great times. What trips have you been on that have inspired you to make a change in your design?

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