Thursday, November 4, 2010

the artful map

Maps as art I am loving!

1. Because it looks good
2. Is a great DIY
3. Is CHEAP!

What a perfect decorating idea! The whole black and white thing looks fab!

Just like this pic from my previous blog! Still loving it!!

Would also work great with a brown timber frame and an old map for an antique feel. You don't even have to frame it!

Or an old-school feel - a bit retro

Or for a purpose... as curtains!!

Or the nifty wall decal!! So much choice!!!!

Or you could take it all the way... and wallpaper the whole room with vintage maps!

1 comment:

  1. Hey there,

    Looking at the picture from the map that has been broken down into many blocks, you may be interested in this website.

    Basically what it does, is take a picture, and enlarge it so you can do the block effect (or many, many other things) - a very good DIY project.

    Look at the gallery, some of them are absolutely beautiful, some are not :-)