Thursday, November 4, 2010

paradise lost

...well not completely lost yet... there is still hope!

The bank has come back after valuing the land Mr Piggy and I want to buy and ...its overpriced!! Argh!! The land developer was *shocked and astonished* that it was so under valued...hmm.. So now its getting re-valued! And apparently theres a high risk of its price going down in the next 2 years... Personally we are thinking that is based more on the state of the economy than the actual land itself - so no matter where we go, theres going to be a risk. What do you do?

Plan is to have the property re-valued and then express to the land developer that we are very interested in the land, but are only prepared to pay what it is worth. We are ready to go!! We will buy straight away! We even have a contract being drawn up for the house plan! But we are ready to let it all go if they aren't fair with the price... We are prepared to walk away completely and look elseware. I already have a bit of a bad taste in my mouth so who knows....? How upsetting... oh well, lets keep dreaming about design then...send some good vibes out there :)

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