Thursday, November 4, 2010

decal a lil bit of humour

I had my first look inside the Typo Stationary store in Westfield Parramatta and was pleasantly surprised by how cool it was!! I wanted so much stuff and the prices were really reasonable! They didn't just have stationary - they had some very cool timber letters you can spell things out with - and from memory, I think they were $10 for 3!! What a bargain! I immediately started imagining things I would like to spell out (but held myself back because I don't want to appear obsessed!).

One thing I thought was very very cool (and cannot stop thinking about) was a wall decal that was a little bit different and very very humorous! It was a decal of a CCTV camera and I immediately imagined it in the toilet, just behind the door! : D

I get bored in toilets - especially the ones that are seperate to the bathroom. No thought goes into them and they are so ho-hum. I think it would be funny for guests to find this pointing at them at the most inopportune moment!!

I couldn't get an actual picture of the Typo version, so I found one online instead!

As I was finding the above CCTV pic (that I am so in love with and have to go out and buy before they sell out and I get all disappointed...) I found another decal that is so funny!!! I need to track it down! LOVE LOVE LOVE! Thats a lot of love!

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