Thursday, November 11, 2010

big changes

Ok, in short, the land is overpriced and the price isn't coming down - so thats out the window!

I went and checked out another block today and I think its pretty good. Its 15m x 32m so its dimensions are a little different and it slopes down towards the backyard a bit, so the house will have to cut into the front yard to even up.

We are looking at another Eden Brae home now. Being that the land is not as wide, there may be an issue, so I am not getting my hopes up. We will look further into it tomorrow.

I much prefer this exterior to the Oxford. Its very sleek and modern.

A media room means that a bedroom will not be taken up, being a study. We have talked about the Living room being enclosed. The large 1st bedroom and walk in wardrobe is so versatile! I would love a window seat at the front and chest of draws hidden in the retreat space!

Love that the entertaining areas wrap around the kitchen and alfresco!

Love the big shower in the ensuite!


  1. Wow, loving everything on your blog! Have you sat down with any of the Builders yet? I did so much looking around at plans & display homes and when we finally sat down with Eden Brae, I was astounded as to how much you could move and change. They'll make a house fit to your block, don't worry about that! Not sure where you are but if you're near The Ponds, see Bede at Eden Brae - he's awesome! Cheers, Karla

  2. hi 'little pig', we had the same problem when we were just trying to purchase a block of land.. i think we put a deposit on 4 different blocks and all came back 'overpriced'.. I did change broker, who is actually my regular broker, and picked a much expensive block and it went back OK!!

    if you want i can refer you to my broker.. he's very very good!