Thursday, November 4, 2010

the contempory fireplace part 1

Back in 2004, on The New Inventors (ABC TV), I saw an invention that was oh-so-amazing and Australian to boot! Its an ecosmart fireplace that burns ethanol cleanly so doesn't need ventilation or a traditional flue. The most readily available ethanol is methylated spirits - and we know how cheap that is! It sure beats the cost of traditional wood!! There are so many designs now, they are so contempory and so easy!!

I have talked about this for ages with so many people I know! I have gushed! It has been a dream - but now - I need one!!!!!! OMG I need one!!!

I see pictures like this:

... the TV above a fireplace, and I dream about the eco-smart fireplace!!! It would look amazing and be so functional! You could move the fireplace from one room to another!!

So, talking about functionality - let me give you the details from the ABC website...

Fuel for the EcoSmart Fire is provided by denatured ethanol which is housed in a stainless steel chamber — shaped like a cube — called the EcoSmart Burner. You can regulate and extinguish the flame through its built-in regulatory mechanism. This feature means you can manipulate the amount of heat being generated and the quantity of fuel used.

The life of the fire is determined by the amount of fuel in the burner. Five litres of denatured Ethanol provides 7.25 hours of burning time on a high flame setting and over 24 hours on a low flame setting.

Once the fuel is burnt there is nothing to clean or clear. The burner assembles like a puzzle with a cover that seals and protects the internal mechanics. Its modular design allows a variety of fascias; the return lip on the outside of the burner enables it to easily slot into any position. Importantly, the EcoSmart fire is stable under all temperature conditions and oxygen levels.

The fuel: The EcoSmart Fire uses denatured Ethanol as its fuel source with Methylated Spirits being the most commercially available form of denatured Ethanol. Its combustion is environmentally friendly and easily biodegradable. When it burns, the residual emissions are heat, carbon dioxide and water steam. It is completely composed of biological products resulting in a neutral ecological balance.

Now for all the pictures from thefirecompany website ! (I have emailed them for pricing info and for my very own catalogue so I will have more info soon!!! ...which I will post excitedly!!)

There is a built-in type of fireplace which must be mounted - but I am in love with the stand-alone! You could move it from room to room!!!


The Slimboy - from $1999
h912 x w594 x d449 (mm)

The Max - from $2399
h862 x w862 x d449 (mm)

The bluboxfireplaces are the more affordable range. There are other finishes - white, black, natural and walnut.

These appear to be quite small - I think I would need one to be taller. If you are going to get one - I would like it to make more of an impact - unless you had something to stand it on I guess. I would also want a full glass piece on the front to make it child friendly. Its not that I don't like the open fireplaces - they look amazing - but I would be scared of someone burning themselves and something in my head tells me that an open flame could be detrimental to my home - being that it could burn down...

I will do another post for the designer range - ooh lala (and so out of my price range I imagine!!!!)

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